Bargains Delivered presents its Clipper collection, the ultimate collection for all your boating, marine, and RVing needs. Our products provide complete connectivity and take you from bow to stern. From cables to engine monitors to battery monitors, our Clipper products will provide essential safety for any boat.

  • Clipper 10m Cable f/Compass Sensor: Get complete access and control of your boat's compass with this 10m cable.
  • Clipper 5m Wind Extension Cable: Link up your boat’s wind speed equipment with a dependable 5m extension cable.
  • Clipper 7m Depth Transducer Extension Cable: You can count on accurate readings of water depth while fishing or cruising with this 7-meter extension cord.
  • Clipper AIS Engine 3: Monitor performance and control functions in real-time for a smooth ride without the bumps.
  • >Clipper AIS Plotter/Radar - Requires GPS Input & VHF Antenna: Access navigation information even over long distances with superior accuracy thanks to GPS input & VHF antenna.
  • >Clip Battery Monitor Instrument : Keep an eye on remaining battery power during very voyage effectively by using this compact monitoring solution. . >Clip Bluetooth Battery Monitor : Enjoy seamless connectivity options between devices by opting for this bluetooth based platform that is ideal form keeping track of battery levels while you're out on the sea! ... >Clippe BM-1CG Battery Monitor Compact Grey : Keep track of both current usage and voltage status as you go along your journey seawards via simple intuitive design!. >>clipper BM 2 Battery Monitor W/Shunt 200 AMP : This sleek monitor lets you monitor even the most subtle power drain efficiently when attached via reliable 200 Amp systems .. . . () </ CLIPPER CLOSE Haul Repeater >>: add extra security during your tiring sea travel periods by installing an automated repeater system that can alert at user defined times! surefire way to ensure safety ! ​