Welcome to Bargains Delivered’s CERWIN-VEGA MOBILE Collection! At Bargains Delivered, we are proud to present the CERWIN-VEGA MOBILE Collection. This collection contains a variety of high-quality audio products from Cerwin Vega, ranging from Class D Amps, 2 and 3 Way Coaxial Speakers and Subwoofers in Sealed & Shallow Mini Enclosures. The B52 Stealth Bomber Class D Amp (B52)comes with 2 channels and 1,000 Watts of power. Other items included in our collection are the H735 Series 2-Way Coaxial Speakers (3.5", 250 Watts max), the H740 Series 2-Way Coaxial Speakers (4", 275 Watts max), and the H746 Series 2-Way Coaxial Speakers (4" x 6", 275 Watts max). Other powerful speakers available include the H752 Series 2-Way Coaxial Speaker (5.25", 300 Watts max)and two types of 3 ways coaxials –the H7652 &H7683– which both offer 6.5" diameter cones with 320 & 360 MAX watts respectively.For extra Bass, take advantage of our Cerwin Vega Mobile Subwoofer in Sealed & Shallow Mini Enclosure(12").. Experience ground shaking bass like never before with this great product.. Upgrade your car sound system today by purchasing this great set.. Check out our unbeatable prices on all your car audio needs here at Bargains Delivered!