Rocking Moldy Mommy Decoration Prop

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Moldy Mommy is a hauntingly creepy life-size character thatportrays the tragic tale of a mother and child locked intheir last embrace for all eternity. This forgotten familyrocks back and forth in any chair and has horrifyinglyrealistic slush-PVC head and hands that look as though theyare rotting and covered with mold and fungus, afabric-wrapped slush-PVC baby, blow-molded plastic in. moldy in. feet, tattered in. moldy in. dress and shawl, and aneasy-to-assemble metal frame. Plug the UL power adapterinto any standard outlet. Choose from Steady-On, Steady-Onwith Step-Here foot pad-activated sounds, or Step-Here padactivated movement and sound. Once activated Moldy Mommywill begin rocking her baby back and forth while sayingthree haunting sayings. Item includes volume control.Assembly required. Provide your own rocking chair.