ARROW FASTENER: Fasten With a Brand You Can Count On

At Bargains Delivered, we proudly carry the ARROW FASTENER line of fastening solutions. Need to make sure that you've got a secure hold? ARROW FASTENER has it all.

256 T25 Round Crown Staples, 3/8"/10mm; 1,000 pk: If you want superior holding power and maximum staple visibility, look no further than these 256 T25 Round Crown Staples. They’re corrosion-resistant for indoor and outdoor use.

257 T25 Round Crown Staples, 7/16"; 1,000 pk: Get reliable performance from your favorite projects with these 257 T25 Round Crown staples. They feature an extra heavy wire diameter so they can fit securely into thicker materials.

259 T25 Round Crown Staples, 9/16"; 1,000 pk: These 259T25 staples provide maximum durability and strength when joining materials like drywall or fabrics together. Plus they are galvanized for hardness and resistance against rusting.

T50HS PowerShot Stapler/Nailer: This ergonomically designed stapler is perfect for any household project! The DualLoad™ technology allows the user to switch between plastic or wire staples depending on their application with the crimping feature quickly forming staples around various wire sizes.

T50X TacMate(TM) Staple Gun : This staple gun provides easy loading of both heavy & light duty 5 / 16" Size staples & brads without adjustment of internal parts-making this ideal stapler for almost any job!. Plus it's lightweight design makes it easy to maneuver around tight corners or right up against baseboards -all while keeping your hand comfortable during operation.


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