Schwinn 20 inches Girl's Juvenile Mist Bike Bicycle - Light Blue S2367E

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Have the cutest bike in the neighborhood with the mist. This Schwinn girls bike features a unique frame design, a handlebar bag and a quick Release seat. Great for young riders to get around with friends or family on their next adventure, the mist is sure to be a favorite for years to come since like all Schwinn bikes the bike has a limited lifetime warranty for as long as you own the bike.

• Limited lifetime warranty for as long as you own the bike
• Matching seat and handlebar bag
• Quick release saddle for easy height adjustments
• Front and rear hand brake and coaster brake


*Photo Colors may vary on your computer. With any product, the color may appear slightly different based on computer, monitor settings, configurations, browsers, the lighting/setting for the photograph, etc. Shades may slightly vary during manufacturing runs/processing. Photos are for informational purposes only and represent a basic design

*Some assembly will be required. Customers would need to attach the seat/seat post, handle bars, pedals, front wheel, and make any gear and brake adjustments that are needed. It takes most consumers about an hour to completely assemble and adjust a bike using normal household tools.


               ***General Information from the manufacturer regarding sizes of most bikes*** 
For the casual bike riders, most individuals use the size (diameter) of the wheels: 20", 24", 26"...etc to make the selection of the bike they wish to purchase. Bikes measured this way have frames designed relative to the tire size, so the larger the tire, the larger the frame. Some bike manufacturers may use a simple overall bike measurement such as x-small, small, medium, large, x-large; the bike size is usually on a sticker somewhere on the frame on other brands. (Only the custom bikes from this manufacturer are sized xs, small, med, large or xl , and these are not custom bikes)

The manufacturer may label the bikes Boy’s, Men’s, Girl’s, Women/Ladies however, they are not only meant for younger or older individuals. The rider will need to go by their height/inseam size. For the 700c series road and hybrid bikes,  the rim is usually larger in diameter so it will bring this frame higher up. These bikes(700c wheeled and hybrid) may be better suited for an individual 5' 7" and taller. Someone of a small stature may have a difficult time riding the bike comfortably. It is not recommended to pull bike trailers with a 700c wheel bike as it leaves the trailer at an odd angle. Please note that some bicycles such as folding bicycles may have smaller wheels but still fit adults. Many of the adult Schwinn and Mongoose bikes were tested up to 250 lbs.

This sizing is just a general guideline for most some Schwinn and Mongoose bikes. It is always best to be professionally measured to find the best fit/size.

Bike Wheel Size Your Approx. Height
12 inch wheel 28 - 38 inches tall
16 inch wheel 38 - 48 inches tall
18 inch wheel 42 - 52 inches tall
20 inch wheel 48 - 60 inches tall
24 inch wheel 56 - 66 inches tall
26 inch wheel 67 - 74 inches tall
700c wheel

67 - 74 inches tall

Always wear protective gear when riding any bicycle for safety.

For information on bicycle safety, visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Website