Dantona  CEL-I9600NF3.85 CEL-I9600NF Replacement Battery

Dantona CEL-I9600NF3.85 CEL-I9600NF Replacement Battery

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• 3.85V;
• Li-Ion;
• Long-lasting;
• 2,800mAh;
• Rechargeable;
• Replacement battery for the Samsung(R) Galaxy Round Cellular Phone;
• Comparable to Lenmar(R) LENCLZ621SG;
• Compatible with Samsung(R) Galaxy S(R) 5, Samsung(R) Galaxy S(R) 5 LTE, Samsung(R) GT-I9600, Samsung(R) GT-I9602, Samsung(R) GT-I9700, Samsung(R) I9602, Samsung(R) I9700, Samsung(R) SM-G900, Samsung(R) SM-G9006V, Samsung(R) SM-G9008V, Samsung(R) SM-G9009D, Samsung(R) SM-G900A, Samsung(R) SM-G900F, Samsung(R) SM-G900H, Samsung(R) SM-G900M, Samsung(R) SM-G900P, Samsung(R) SM-G900R4, Samsung(R) SM-G900R7, Samsung(R) SM-G900S, Samsung(R) SM-G900T, Samsung(R) SM-G900V, Samsung(R) Galaxy Round, Samsung(R) Galaxy Round LTE, Samsung(R) SM-G9105, Samsung(R) SM-G910K, Samsung(R) SM-G910L, Samsung(R) SM-G910S Samsung(R) EB-B900BC, Samsung(R) EB-B900BE, Samsung(R) EB-B900BK, Samsung(R) EB-B900BU, Samsung(R) EB-BG900BBC, Samsung(R) EB-BG900BBZ, Samsung(R) EB-B900BBU & Samsung(R) EB-BG900BBU;