Benchmark Trolley for Street Vendor Popcorn Maker Machine (trolley only)

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Street Vendor Popcorn Machine

From the boardwalks of Coney Island and Palisades Park these antique styled popcorn machines will remind you of an era when vendors sold popcorn on street corners all across America. Sure to create a fun and friendly atmosphere in any location, these commercial quality machines are available as a counter-top model or with the matching trolley. All of the Street Vendor poppers feature stainless steel food-zones, 20 mil anodized kettles (for easy cleaning), heated warming decks, old-maid drawers (for un-popped kernels), tempered glass panels and an industry longest three year parts warranty.

Optional Trolley Information: A matching antique-style trolley is available for the Street Vendor popcorn machine.

Specifications for the optional matching trolley:

Part #









11040 Street Vendor 4
4 oz. popper
120 980 8.2 85 21"w x 18"d x 34"h 57
11060 Street Vendor 6 6 oz. popper 120 1180 9.9 127 21"w x 18"d x 34"h 58
11080 Street Vendor 8 8 oz. popper 120 1430 12 170 21"w x 18"d x 34"h 59
Antique Trolley
Carts for poppers - - - -
38"w x 23"d x 33"h

Optional Starter Kit Information: Each optional starter kit contains:

  • 24 pre-measured popcorn portion packs
  • 100 one ounce paper popcorn bags
  • 1 plastic scoop
  • 1 corn measure
  • 1 oil measure

Street Vendor Popcorn Machine Features:

  • 4oz, 6oz, or 8oz Kettle
  • 3-Year Parts Warranty
  • Easy to use and Maintain
  • Heated Warming Deck
  • Old-maid Drawer for un-popped kernels
  • Stainless Steel Food-zone for easy cleaning
  • 20 mil anodized non-stick kettles
  • Tempered Glass Panels
  • 120 Volts, 1430 Watts,12 Amps
  • 21"w x 18"d x 34"h (59 lbs) Top
  • 38?ǥw x 23?ǥd x 33?ǥh (cart for popper)
  • Dimensions of a Popper on a Trolley: 23?ǥd x 38?ǥw x 67?ǥh

*All Poppers ETL tested to standards: UL 197 (9th Edition), NSF 4, and CSA C22.2 NO 109 (M1981)

Street Vendor poppers are available with your choice of three different size kettles to meet your production needs:

  • 4 ounce = 85 quarts per hour
  • 6 ounce = 127 quarts per hour
  • 8 ounce = 170 quarts per hour

These kettle inners are constructed of thick gauge anodized aluminum for maximum performance and easy cleaning. Aluminum provides the best heat transfer of any "cookware approved" alloy while the 20 mil thick anodizing armors the kettle for durability and provides a super-slick surface for easy cleaning. The kettle jackets are made from stainless steel for corrosion resistance and easy cleaning

The inner kettle is constructed of thick gauge anodized aluminum for maximum performance and easy cleaning. Aluminum provides the best heat transfer of any cookware approved alloy while the 20 mil thick anodizing armors the kettle for durability and provides a super-slick surface for easy cleaning. The kettle jackets are made of plated steel for corrosion resistance and easy cleaning.

You won't have to worry about biting into an un-popped kernel with the old-maid drawer. The perforations in the bottom aluminum tray allow the un-popped kernels to fall int the drawer leaving only fresh and fully popped corn in the holding bin. Simply "rake" the popped corn with a scoop and the old-maids fall through the openings

Poppers have a 50 watt heating element in the base to keep popped corn fresh and warm. Since heat rises, bottom heating is preferred to heat lamps that only heat the top layer of popped corn. The heated warming deck will keep popped corn at the ideal serving temperature for long periods of time. The warmer is necessary for situations that require that popcorn is available on demand.

Machines are designed to be simple to operate making them ideal for locations that have multiple operators. The master switch turns on the warming deck and the interior lamp. The kettle switch turns on the agitating motor and the kettle heat for a popping cycle. For safety, the kettle switch will not operate without the master switch in the ON position.

Operating Instructions:

  • Remove the top cover of the popper by taking out the four screws located in each corner. Place the decorative cornice on either the front or back of the canopy and secure using the supplied three washers and nuts. Replace the top cover.
  • Plug the machine into a properly grounded 120 volt power supply.
  • Install a 50 watt or smaller light bulb in the socket in the chassis (not necessary for operation). For best results use a 50 watt R20 mini flood bulb.
  • Turn on the "MASTER" switch and the interior lamp will come on and the warming element in the base will be activated.
  • Turn on the "KETTLE" switch and the heat to the kettle and the agitating motor will be activated. Wait approximately 5 minutes to allow the kettle to get up to operating temperature.
  • Place cup of raw popcorn kernels, 1/6 cup of cooking oil and 1 teaspoon of seasoning salt into the kettle and lower the kettle lid.
  • Allow the corn to pop until the popping ceases (3 seconds between pops) then dump the kettle by turning he handle clock-wise and pulling downward.
  • For additional batches repeat steps 5 & 6. It will not be necessary to wait 5 minutes since the kettle will already be up to operating temperature.
  • After popping the final batch, turn off the "KETTLE" switch and with a damp cloth wipe any excess oil from the inside and outside of the kettle to prevent burned on oil stains. Use caution as the kettle will be HOT!
  • If you leave the "MASTER" switch in the on position, the warming element in the base will keep any popped corn fresh and warm. The interior lamp will remain on as well and serve as a reminder that the popper is on.

Kettle Care:


  • Always turn off the "KETTLE" switch after popping the final batch of a session. Leaving it on will burn any residue oil that is left in the kettle.
  • For routine cleaning: After popping the final batch of a session, use a damp cloth to wipe the excess oil from the interior and exterior of the kettle.
  • Benchmark USA kettles are anodized to create an easy cleaning, non-stick surface. However, if excess oil is not removed it will eventually carbonize on the surface.

Cabinet Care:

  • Always unplug the machine from the power supply before cleaning! The bottom tray and drop door are removable for easy cleaning in a sink or dishwasher. Use a mild detergent and water.
  • Use a standard glass cleaner for the glass panels and corner posts.

What size popper do I need?

Each popcorn machine has a rating called quarts/hour. This tells the maximum amount of popcorn that it will produce if you were to continually pop corn for a full hour. You should determine the maximum amount of popcorn that you will need in any hour and use this table (keep in mind that Benchmark USA poppers hold approximately 45 quarts of popped corn):

  • Less than 85 quarts = 4 ounce popper (makes about 5 quarts per cycle)

  • 86-126 quarts = 6 ounce popper (makes about 7.5 quarts per cycle)

  • 127-170 quarts = 8 ounce popper(makes about 10 quarts per cycle)

*Quarts per hour based upon a 40:1 expansion ratio on popcorn.

What makes theater popcorn taste so much better than microwave popcorn?

The taste and flavor of popcorn is determined by the type of oil and seasoning salt that is used in the cooking process. Most theaters use a specially formulated cooking oil that is partially absorbed by the popcorn as it pops. This is what gives the popcorn its flavor. Most microwaveable popcorn is oil-less and comes out dry and flavor-less.

Why does popcorn "Pop"?

Quality popcorn has a moisture content of 13-14% inside the hull. When the popcorn is heated the moisture turns to steam and expands. Eventually the pressure from the expanding steam causes the hull to explode. Storing popcorn in a sealed container at room temperature or less will keep the moisture content consistent and the popcorn fresh. Avoid storing popcorn in extremely warm and dry conditions which will cause the moisture content in the popcorn to reduce. A loss of as little as 3% moisture can cause the kernel to become un-poppable (an old maid).

Does a popcorn machine require much maintenance?

The only maintenance required on a Benchmark USA popcorn machine is to keep it clean. Routine cleaning only requires that the excess oil is wiped off the kettle after you finish popping (a damp cloth will do the trick). You will want to do a thorough cleaning occasionally by removing the stainless steel trays (clean in a sink or dishwasher) and cleaning the glass panels with a standard glass cleaner.


Premiere poppers feature an industry leading three year parts warranty. These high quality poppers have been engineered to provide years of service under even the most demanding of conditions.The user-friendly design of these poppers allows for in-field repairs to be made easily with standard household tools.

*The manufacturer is responsible for all warranty issues.

Owners Manual (8 oz Popper)

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