Oceanstar Bamboo Recipe Box with Divider

Oceanstar Bamboo Recipe Box with Divider

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Store your favorite recipes with the Oceanstar Bamboo Durable Natural Recipe Box. The design and simplicity of the recipe box allows for easy placement on any countertop and is quickly accessible. Made with bamboo, it is smooth to the touch and easy to keep clean. The Oceanstar Recipe Box comes with tabbed dividers to organize and store your favorite recipes into different categories. Simply take the desired recipe card and place it in the clear frame to put on the lid stand. This prevents any of your recipes from getting dirty or lost while allowing easy viewing while you cook. The Oceanstar Bamboo Durable Natural Recipe Box is a great gift and addition for any home and kitchen. 



  • 4 x 6 card capacity to accommodate tabbed dividers 
  • Card dividers to organize and sort through your recipes 
  • Clear frame for the recipe card to prevent dirtiness 
  • Made with bamboo and built with durability 
  • Flip top lid is simple to keep recipe dry and tidy 



  • Accommodates with any kitchen decor 
  • Organize and delightful way to store your recipe cards 
  • Very easy to keep neat to clean with damp cloth 
  • Easy to be able to transport and suitable for your needs